About Optimisation

Optimisation is a process that looks into changes in the existing packaging solution in order to generate cost savings. The package price is primarily affected by the type, quantity, and quality of material used in its production.

Speaking of which, it is necessary to consider this important axiom:

It is not necessary to search for the best packaging; only look for what is necessary.

Similarly to the development stage, it is necessary to identify the “limits” for specification of the design. These are the facts and limitations which have a crucial influence on the extent of optimisation.

  • Limitations within a company or a group of companies. Especially in international companies, it is necessary to know and respect the connection with the group as a whole. In this case, the basic specifications of the packaging are defined centrally. Therefore, it is necessary to know what can and cannot be changed on the local level.
  • Limitations by the end customer. In the majority of packaging solutions, the end customer has the authority to specify the design and structure of the packaging materials. This provides problem-free continuity with handling the packaged product at the customer’s premises. Therefore, all changes must be at least communicated to the end customer.
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