Atypical Packaging

This type of wood packaging is a blend of various components from other wood packaging types that are selected as the most appropriate for the specific product to be packaged. Manufacturing of this packaging is usually preceded by extensive development of the structure with subsequent functionality tests.


Atypical Pallet for Engines

Two-tier pallet for engines. The lower tier contains the handling elements and the upper consists of the covering crating. In terms of materials, the structural elements are made from hardwood and the sheets are from OSB boards.

Atypical Pallet for Gearboxes

The structure for the transport of gearboxes consists of three tiers. The bottom tier contains stringers for handling; the upper tier holds the crating for protection and stacking of other pallets. The corners are strengthened with metal elements.

Pallet (Rack) for Car Body

Structure for transporting SKD/CKD car body in containers. The bodywork panels rest in an inclined position on the pallet; auxiliary fixing elements permit fixation of other parts and other packages with parts. Apart from protection, the primary criterion for the structure is the maximum utilisation of the container.

Collapsible Pallet (Rack)

An alternative structure for the bodywork pallet; it is delivered collapsed to the packaging location. This reduces transport and storage costs. At the packaging location, the pallet is expanded to the final shape and immediately used for packaging.

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