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Especially in the engineering industry it is true that wood-based packaging material is used along metal and plastic, returnable packaging. Wood is a material that delivers a very favourable price/utility ratio. Furthermore, it is a 100% recyclable material from renewable sources, a fact that is topical especially in non-returnable packaging.

From the wood suppliers’ point of view, wood for the packaging industry is lower-grade material. The highest quality wood is used in the furniture industry, with construction coming second. Therefore, wood that is used for packaging might be considered, with exaggeration, as “waste”.

This should in no way suggest that the wood or wood-based materials do not need to comply with the criteria specified for this field of application. These criteria are specified by a number of standards and regulations. These may be summarised into several basic parameters:

  • Defined dimensions and tolerances (deviation in mm)
  • Required quality of wood and its processing (quantity of knots, sawdust, bark)
  • Maximum moisture content in wood (% of moisture)
  • Heat treatment as per the IPPC Standard, if applicable
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