Logistics Services

Being a systematic supplier, we also offer precision-driven, tailored logistics services related to package handling. In the case of major projects supported by a long-term contract, we are able to establish a plant in the vicinity of the customer to minimise the logistics costs.

We are capable of providing the following logistics concepts:

Elimination of time loss, primarily within the manufacturing plant, secondarily in outside packaging flow. The concept consists of frequent, smaller-scale deliveries at precisely agreed and observed times “just in time” as per the needs of the customer to whom the supplying organisation adjusts. JIT leads to manufacturing synchronised with demand, to reduction of lead times, to reduction of stock levels, to higher quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

This is a stock-free system that is based on self-sustained regulation loops which include the customer and supplier; they are connected with a one-way supply chain and their relationships are based on the pull principle. The orders and deliveries are strictly made for the capacity of the means of transport (or for its multiples). The quality of material supplied is guaranteed by the supplier. This technology is suitable for conditions of balanced consumption, free of major fluctuation and product change. It leads to process continuity, high efficiency and effectiveness.

This refers to storage organised on the premises of a body not owning the goods on the grounds of a consignation contract by which the owner of the goods (consignee, manufacturer, or seller) entrusts the goods to another person to sell them on their behalf (selling under its own name and account - a broker, selling under its own name and the account of the consignee - a commission agent, or under their name and their account - a sales representative). This may also be storage erected in the customer’s plant (typically the end manufacturer) where the stock of material delivered remains property of the supplier, who bears all logistics responsibility until the goods are received by the customer.

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