Concept Optimisation

Similarly to the development stage, identification of the “limits” is necessary for optimisation of the package concept as well. The next step is an analysis and check of the needs and, subsequently, of the opportunities available for packaging and transport of the product. The analysis consists of answers to a number of questions. These questions may be briefly categorised into three groups:

1. WHAT will be packaged?

This is a list of all products to be packaged, including their overall quantities, the scope of individual deliveries, and the development of these quantities on a longer time scale. The information is relevant to estimate the scope and quantity of all partial packaging materials.

2. WHERE will it be transported?

This includes the destinations for individual products or product groups, including possible differentiation to individual products and destinations. This information is relevant for the choice of returnable or non-returnable packaging and on protection of the packaged product against the weather.

3. HOW will it be transported?

What is the planned type or types of transportation, including the length of individual transport sections? This information is vital for a more detailed specification for the design and materials of the packaging and to decide on the dimension class in order to achieve the most economic means of transport to be used.

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