Container Pallets

As an alternative to returnable metallic or plastic packaging materials, one-way pallet boxes are used; they are typically made from wood and corrugated fibreboard. These transport packaging materials are especially used in overseas transport where using returnable packaging is not economical.

Similarly to returnable boxes, the one-way variation must also meet a number of specifications. One of them is the option to collapse the box to a compact size so that it occupies the lowest volume during transport to and storage on the site of use.

The box typically consists of a wood pallet, a sleeve with printed information, an internal support structure (the “ring”) which provides load capacity, and a cover on top of it all. All of the materials used must meet material specifications for overseas transport; this must be attested to by relevant certificates.

The structure of the pallet box has been designed for rapid expansion on site, without the need for auxiliary tools or other operational activities. Easy disposal of the packaging at the unpacking site is equally important. Therefore, recyclability is one of the important parameters.

Product packaging of a specific unit may use secondary, product-specific separators (grilles, spacers) or other auxiliary packaging materials (e.g. anti-corrosion foils, moisture inhibitors, or EPE fixtures). Similarly to the returnable box, the packaged box delivers a multiple stacking ability.

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