Cardboard Parameters

The most important technical parameter in most packaging materials made from corrugated fibreboard is the load capacity (BCT). This parameter is primarily affected by the edge crush strength (ECT) of the fibreboard and the specific packaging design. Burst strength and puncture resistance is important only in those packaging materials which contain loose solid or unsupported goods.

ECT – edge crush test [kN/m]

The maximum force which leads to crushing of the sample being measured. The force acts parallel to the flute direction, that is, perpendicular to the manufacturing direction of the sample. The ECT (Edge Crush Test) is crucial for establishment of the BCT (Box Compression Test).

FCT – flat crush test [kPa]

This is the maximum pressure which causes the corrugated cardboard to be crushed in the flat section. This parameter is chiefly affected by the flute resistance to flat distortion. The FCT (Flat Crush Test) does not directly affect the load capacity of the box and is essentially used to check the fluting machine.

BURST – burst strength [kPa]

This is the maximum pressure which causes the corrugated cardboard to burst in the flat section. This parameter is proportional to the parameters of individual fibreboards, i.e. to the ratio of virgin fibre, basis weight, and pulp type.

Thickness [mm]

The clearance between the linerboards is affected by the thickness of the paper used, type and quality of fluting rollers, and by the manufacturing process of the fluting board proper. As such, fluting thickness is one of the leading indicators of the condition of the fluting rollers.

Puncture resistance [J]

This is the amount of energy required to puncture the corrugated fibreboard using a sharp point of defined geometry.

This value is one of the parameters required for corrugated fibreboard class assessment as per DIN or FEFCO.

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