Individual Packaging Development

Once the packaging concept has been developed and signed off, a similar, systematic approach is used for development of the individual packages. However, it is necessary to obtain more detailed information on the product prior to the development proper.

1. Product size and weight

In relation to the quantities, manner of transport and handling ascertained in advance, this allows for specification of the basic packaging type (crate, pallet box, box), the material to be used (wood, fibreboard), as well as its parameters (quality, thickness, etc.).

2. Product susceptibility to damage

Here, “damage” refers to the susceptibility to deformation, breaking, scratching, or exposure of the product to moisture. This information assists in the selection and design of fixing elements, sleeves, or any auxiliary packaging materials (fibreboard, foil, bubble-wrap, styrofoam, anti-corrosion foil, etc.).

3. Packing and unpacking of the product

The requirements for packing and unpacking the product at its final destination are considered. In combination with the other facts, this information is necessary to establish the design in terms of handling (dimensions, preparation, closing, etc.).

Having considered all of the information above, the designers propose a specific design of the package, including all sizes and parameters of the packaging material. They also suggest suitable auxiliary packaging materials or tools/fixtures for completion and sealing of the packages.

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