Sampling and Testing

The output of package development is, along with the technical specifications, usually a sample, a prototype of the package. Depending on the scope of this service, the following samples may be available:

1. Working sample

This sample type serves for practical testing of the package function during its development. Tests are taken in terms of the dimensions, durability, completion, filling, and sealing of the package. In this stage, the sample might not possess all properties that are not important for functionality testing (e.g. details, quality, or final material).

2. Presentation sample

This serves the purpose of presenting the package and its functions to the customer. This sample is usually manufactured from the final material and includes all auxiliary packaging components. However, the sample is not manufactured in a series; it is a prototype manufactured manually or on a sampling plotter. If the package is subject to comments, the prototyping continues until signed off. The final output includes, apart from the sample, the detailed documentation (technical drawing with material specifications).

3. Sample for the testing series

This is manufactured after the testing sample has been signed off and if the development includes a supplier selection procedure. This sample bears all details of the series-production sample and, therefore, resolves any potential differences between the series production and the prototyping.

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