Types of Wooden Crates

A wide range of specific wood crate types exist. However, the DIN 59499 T1 standard defines two basic types.

  • Type A – crates up to 500 kg
  • Type B – crates over 500 kg




A1 – All-wood crate

As this design lacks elements for forklift truck handling, it is very rarely used. These crates are made from plywood or OSB boards.


A2 – All-wood crate

As with the A1, this type is used only for specific purposes. The sheet faces are made from lumber boards.


A3 – All-wood crate

Unlike the variations above, this type contains stringers in the lid and in the bottom which allow handling by forklift trucks and rack systems.

A4a – All-wood crate

This type contains stringers in all sides and on the bottom, allowing the use of handling equipment.



A4b – All-wood crate

In contrast to the A4a, a frame structure is used in the front and rear faces; walls are filled with plywood or OSB board.



A5a – All-wood crate

Frame structure in the front and rear face, no stringers on the sides, with stringers on the bottom for handling. The sheet faces are made from lumber boards.



A5b – All-wood crate

The structure is identical to that of the A5a, but the faces are filled with plywood or OSB boards.


A6 – All-wood crate

This design is based on the A4 type and uses diagonal supports in all walls. The sheet faces are made from lumber boards.

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