In the field of packaging, our company focuses, apart from standard packaging, especially on one-way non-returnable wood and fibreboard packaging for engineering industries, especially the automotive industry.

Wooden Pallets and Packaging

We offer a wide portfolio of standardised, one-way, atypical pallets, transport crates and panelling made from wood, OSB boards, and plywood.



Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

Together with standard, FEFCO-compliant packaging materials we offer packaging products and materials for overseas transport, including separators, inserts, and other fixtures.



Alongside the manufacturing and delivery of packaging products, we also provide development of packaging concepts and individual packages, including subsequent and continuous optimisation. We operate a team of experienced developers with the necessary CAD and prototyping equipment.

Our company aims to provide our customers with systematic supplier services. The majority of our product range is manufactured in our own plants. As our sales volumes are high, we purchase all other components and materials for lucrative prices from the original manufacturers or our partners. This allows us to present our customers both with an advantageous price and a reliable partner who offers comprehensive solutions for a substantial part of packaging management.

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