Development and optimisation of packaging

4 STEPS to a more effective packaging

When developing or optimising packaging, we rely on systematicity, which is always based on a precise analysis of customer requirements and parameters. We can summarise the entire process in 4 steps.

STEP NO. 1: Borders

We define the borders within which we can move. It is about:

●       Restrictions and limits within a company or group

Especially in the case of international companies, we need to know the linkages within the whole group, which are usually defined centrally. The question is – what is and is not possible at a local level?

●       Restrictions and limits from the end customer’s side

The end customer is the one who determines the final appearance of the packaging. This ensures a smooth connection to the handling of his/her packaged goods.

STEP NO. 2: Development or optimisation of the packaging concept

To develop or optimise the packaging concept, we need to know the answers to three essential questions:

  • WHAT will be packaged?
  • TO WHERE will it be transported?
  • HOW will it be transported?

STEP NO. 3: Development of individual packagings

After approval of the packaging concept, we will focus on developing or optimising individual packaging. We need to know three basic product parameters:

  • DIMENSIONS and WEIGHT of the product
  • METHOD OF PACKING the product in its packaging and its UNPACKING

STEP NO. 4: Sampling and testing

Output of developing or optimising packaging is a sample or prototype. Depending on the scope of service, these are:

  • Work sample

The first phase is used to test the functional properties of the sample. It does not yet have all the required requirements in terms of quality of design or final material.

  • Presentation sample

The second phase is already made of the final material and serves for presentation to the customer. So far, however, it is still a prototype awaiting comments, not yet in mass production.

  • Test series sample

The third phase takes place after approval of the presentation sample and already contains all the details of the serial design.