Paper Types

Papers for cardboard production are divided into the fluting papers and linerboard papers. Individual paper types differ in the ratio of recycled paper to virgin fibres. The higher the content of virgin fibres, the higher the paper quality is. Another parameter of the paper is its basis weight. Both these parameters affect other strength parameters of the paper, and correspondingly the corrugated fibreboard, as well as the price.


Brown paper, with a basis weight of 125–440 g/m2. It contains at least 80% sulphate pulp and 20% recycled paper. It is the highest quality paper for the liner.


Multiple-layer paper with a basis weight of 120–130 g/m2, light gray-brown, with guaranteed strength parameters.



SCHRENZ (gray)

This is the lowest quality liner paper with a basis weight of 100–140 g/m2, grey in colour, manufactured only from unsorted recycled paper. It is used especially for the inner linerboards in multiple-layered cardboard, or for manufacturing economy-level separators.


HALBZELLSTOFF (semi-chemical medium)

Paper manufactured from wood fibres, which shows high strength and resistance to shock.

WELLENSTOFF (higher-grade schrenz)

Paper manufactured only from unsorted recycled paper and waste fibreboard. The addition of starch achieves strength characteristics similar to those of the semi-chemical medium.

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