Custom-made packaging

Movement of products and production all-in-one

Comprehensive moving of complex unique products or production units are a natural part of PILOUS services. All this thanks to top specialists, endless possibilities of customising our packaging solutions and the ability to provide the most convenient transport, including the necessary documents, certificates and warranties.

What is our procedure for example in case of moving a production line?

1) Unfolding the line to smaller units

Using expertise, the line is dismantled into smaller units where the individual parts are secured against spontaneous movement. This ensures that they are not damaged during transport. If the line contains service packs, these are discharged or secured against leakage.

2) Packing of individual line components

The dismantled individual components of the line are stored and fixed in the shipping boxes. They are additionally sealed into aluminium barrier foils against the effects of moisture. Humidity condensation is avoided by moisture absorbers inside the packaged space, or moisture inhibitors can be used.

3) Sending the individual line components

After packing the individual components of the line, the components are transported to the final destination using the most appropriate method. In the case of overseas transport, they are placed in a container which is then transported by car to the port, then transported by ship to the nearest port of the assembly site and subsequently taken again by car to the final destination.

4) Unpacking the packed line components

In the final destination, after inspection of the outside of the transport packages, the individual components are unpacked and prepared at the final assembly site. During unpacking, the barrier foils are checked for damage and possible occurrence of unwanted moisture is also checked.

5) Assembly and putting the line into operation

The individual components are again professionally completed after unpacking and removing fixing elements, moisture absorbers or moisture inhibitors. Subsequently, the entire line is put into operation and handed over.